uploading other bands songs

October 18th, 2005 + 5:10 PM  ·  nicu24

this is for you entheon...not sure if you are aware of it or not, but the user roxle has about 6 songs up none of which are his.  they are signed bands that hes uploaded.  not even covers, just the flat out song.  you might wanna drop him a little PM about what this site is about, i think hes a little confused that this is for artists to put up their own music, not upload songs of bands you like.
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listen to the sound

October 17th, 2005 + 12:10 PM  ·  nicu24

a song i did with a friend 3 years ago.  ive had it sitting around for a while and forgot about it.  listened to it the other day and it always makes me laugh.  not meant to be real serious, we did it as just a fun little joke song.  it turned out better then we thought so i might as well let other people hear it too.

another cover song

August 17th, 2005 + 7:08 PM  ·  nicu24

hey, sorry this is another cover song.  it says in the post that its a cover song and that she plans on posting another cover song.  so maybe an admin could just drop her a PM reminding her that cover songs arent allowed on the site.


August 17th, 2005 + 6:08 PM  ·  nicu24

just recorded this to hear what it sounded like.  just keep in mind this was pretty much a one take deal just for me to hear how it was going.  there will most likely be vocals added later, and it will be re-recorded because the mic was too close to the guitar and gets boomy at parts.  just wanted to see where this was going and want advice before i reach the finished product.  btw, named "drake" because i stole the tuning of the song (cgcfce) from some nick drake tunes ive been listenin to.

play counter

August 16th, 2005 + 7:08 AM  ·  nicu24

hey, i didnt see this idea suggested yet so dont shoot me down if it has. 

a lot of other sites similar to this kinda thing have a sort of plays counter for peoples songs.  this is one of my favorite features on other sites i have songs on.  i was thinkin maybe it would be nice to add it to this site too.  nothing special, just something so users can see how many times their song has actually been listened to.
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